General Protection Fault

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General Protection Fault

You are fighting General Protection Fault.

The application starts to load, but halfway through the progress bar freezes. A notice pops up on the screen saying something about a General Protection Fault. You don't know who General Fault is, or why he's inside the computer, but from the looks of him he's a mean son of a gun, and he's here to protect the system (from you).
Your opponent attacks ...

Hit messages:

  • The general inflicts severe corporal punishment on you. Eek!
  • The general shoots you. It's a major pain.
  • The general punches you in the privates. Uf.

He hits you for X damage.

Critical hit message:

Your opponent has a critical hit! He hits you for X damage.

Miss messages:

  • The general shoots at you, but the shot was aimed at your sergeant, which isn't a real body part.
  • The general tries to execute the "dreaded rear admiral" attack, but army and navy don't mix.
  • The general throws a vicious lieut hook, but you remind him that's only pronounced "left" in England and "loot" doesn't get him anything here.

Fumble messages:

Your foe fumbles! He takes X damage.

Victory! You beat up your foe and win the combat!

You gain 140 experience.

Known resistances/weaknesses

Verified to have no resistances or weaknesses.



Robot.gif This enemy is a robot with an electronic brain.