Holdin' Everything but the Caulfield

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Things are tense everywhere, though most of the action is still just shouting and waving, rather than actual scuffling. But right in front of you one particularly furious duo--one officer and one protestor--seem about to resort to blows. Do you want to intervene?


  • Hold back the protester
  • Hold back the police officer
  • Hold your horses

What do you do?


If you chose Hold back the protester:


You are fighting an aggravated protestor.

Moves your reputation to be more Selfless.

If you chose Hold back the police officer:


You are fighting a crazed officer.

If you chose Hold your horses:


Even Heroes Need a Breather
You decide the two will probably sort out their differences one way or another, and you're in need of a change of pace. Way, way back there's a little stand set up that's part first-aid tent and part refreshment station for the riot police. You go over there and help out patching up some of the wounded, hand out some water, and--most important for your purposes--catch a breather and a bit of refreshment for yourself. It's the fighting hero's guilty pleasure.

You gain 20 XP.

You gain 20 PP.

Moves your reputation to be less Selfless.