Hot pockets

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Item Number: 869
Description ID: 1408623
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hot pockets
Plural: packages of hot pockets
Technically the entire pants are simmering with a barely contained inferno of heat, but we've already got hot pants in this game, so you decide you're just going to focus on the hot pockets these pants have.

Now if only you had some Pop Tarts that you could keep in your hot pockets, they'd be nice and toasted when you were ready to eat them.

Power: 15
Level Required: 3
Autosell value: 55

Take 2 fire damage per round of combat
+50% ice resistance
+2 fire damage

How Obtained

Assemble.gif newt leather denim pants
Equals.gif hot pockets


  • The image and item name refer to Hot Pockets, a brand of microwaveable turnovers. This is also hinted by the plural.
  • Mentions Pop-Tarts, another form of food which is sold pre-baked and only requires heating.
  • Mentions the in-game hot pants.