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|ench={{modifier|backpp|+10% ice}}  
|ench={{modifier|backpp|+10% ice}}  
Cool as Ice
|obtain=[[League Battlefield]]
|obtain=[[League Battlefield]]
* [[ice ice]]
* [[ice ice]]

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Item Number: 2156
Description ID: 87650965
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ice cool jacket
Plural: Unknown
Okay, so maybe this jacket would look better on a Silver Age hero that specializes in spreading civil rights, repairing electronics with a magic touch, and leaping over aquatic villains. But it's made out of some futuristic "hydrogen dioxide" compound that remains frozen on the hottest days, so it averages out to be pretty cool now too.

Power: 77
Level Required: 15
Autosell value: 1000

Attacker takes +10% ice damage upon successful hit.
+5 PP per turn
Cool as Ice

How Obtained

League Battlefield

Other Uses

Assemble.gif ice cool jacket big honkin' hammer
Equals.gif ice cool hairgel