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Item Number: 616
Description ID: 2559834
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Plural: icicles
According to some brainteasers, this might just possibly be the perfect murder weapon. Of course, according to some brainteasers, you can have an infinitely large hotel and not go out of debt supplying an infinite amount of hot water each morning for the showers.

Melee weapon (Piercing)
Power: 30
Level Required: 2
Autosell value: 5

+5 ice damage

How Obtained

Snow day

  • Any foe

When Returned through [use]

You drop the icicle down the back of <player>'s shirt and then giggle mercilessly when they dance around in an attempt to get it out.

Trying to return the item to yourself:
You decide that you don't need to send this item to yourself. Why not save the postage fees?

Effect on Receiver:
<player> just dropped an icicle down the back of your shirt. Ooh that's cold!