King of Armageddon

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Damage formulae/effects for Fire, Ice, and Darkness
Item Number: 1277
Description ID: 6925651
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King of Armageddon
Plural: Kings of Armageddon
Armageddon. The end of not just the world but of everything. The Vikings called it Ragnarok, which is a pretty cool sounding word. It has a distinctive sound to it; it's almost an onomatopoeia.

It'll also destroy all your lands.

There's been a lot of words spilled over the nature of armageddon, whether it will be brought about by angry fire or hateful ice, or the blackness of the void. My money is on the deranged actions of a mad king, for what it's worth.

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

Allows you to tap into the power of Armageddon in combat.
Adds ice damage to your attacks, as a function of level (currently +X).
Attacker takes 10 fire damage
-25% to your maximum Hit Points
Take 2 psychic damage per round of combat

How Obtained

Purchased at Nocturne's Shop for 15 mettle

Other Uses

When equipped grants three combat skills:

Armageddon: end it with fire:

When the end is your desire, 'tis easily done with fire. A meteor blasts your foe, from here to Timbuck-toe. Flaming rock and molten run, that's ? damage done.

Armageddon: end it with ice:

If candy is dandy and liquor is quicker, surely then ice is twice as nice? Your foe does freeze from head to knees, with ? hit points lost to hoary frost.

Armageddon: end it with blackness:

Blackness descends. You don't know how long it lasts, or what it does, but when it lifts your foe has nearly met their end. At best guess you'd say they took ? damage.


  • Requires completing nineteen runs to unlock.
  • X is 1*Level, capped at 12.
  • Ending it with fire can be performed three times a day. Ending it with ice can be performed twice a day. Ending it with blackness can be performed only once per day.
  • Before this item was fully implemented on May 27, the second and third paragraphs read:
This chess piece is like something Manowar would carry, and it has all the hardcore awesomeness that entails. Consequently, this is a very risky talisman to use. While it has exceptional powers, some of that destructive energy will wash back over you. It'll also destroy all your lands.