Little, Old, and a Lady, but Not Helpless

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The crowd in your area thins as the most intense rioting shifts away from you. As you take a breather, you catch sight of an old woman who seems to be wandering around in a daze, clearly shaken by the chaos.

You approach but she hardly seems to notice you. "Ma'am? Can I be of assistance?" you ask, but she doesn't seem to hear. You try again "Ma'am? Do you need help?" You put a reassuring arm on her elbow, intending to lead her to a park bench.

With the speed of a striking viper she whips around and starts pummeling you with her purse, shouting at the top of her lungs that you're a horrible brute and you'd best get your hands off her before she teaches you a lesson you'll never forget.

You decide that you've already learned a valuable lesson, and beat feet before she hits you any more.

You gain 40 XP experience.