Lottery ticket

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Item Number: 79
Description ID: 3902281
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lottery ticket
Plural: Unknown
This is one of those scratch-off lottery tickets. It hasn't been scratched off yet. Like your grandpa always used to say, "If you've got an itch, scratch it." Which apparently implies that a ticket is an itch, so maybe it's best to drop that train of logic.

Miscellaneous Item

Item cannot be auto-sold


How Obtained


How Obtained

Investigate the trash bin out back

When Used

You scratch off the coating on your ticket and then spend ten minutes trying to get that silvery stuff off of your clothes. Finally you remember to check if you've actually won anything.

Sadly, it's not a winner. Better luck next time.


It looks like you've won 10 chips. Not bad!


It looks like you've won 75 chips! Nice!