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Who needs sleep anyway?

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Twilight Heroes is a free, browser-based superhero RPG.
It is currently in early beta; information is subject to change.

Game Basics
Gear and Equipment
City of Twilight
Game Updates

Dec 20 Also, happy holidays to all the players. A little holiday gift awaits you.

Dec 20 The four talismans in the Wok of Stars have experienced their yearly changing of the guard.

Dec 12 Found a small bug with how permanent sidekicks are being handled. You may have to change them away/back to get everything set properly.

Dec 11 There's a storage area in your hideout where you can put things you don't need at the moment.

Dec 11 Somerset now has a new office/store that ought to be beneficial to (mostly) newer players.


Wiki News

06-04-09 - Due to image cleanup I had to edit some user pages. I did my best to leave the pages as they were except for image names, but I apologize if I made any errors -- Muhandes

12-01-08 - Upgrading has finished. Please tell me any problems you encounter.

12-01-08 - The wiki's going down for a couple hours today for upgrades, so don't be alarmed.

02-26-08 - The wiki now has a forum for itself. It is here.

01-12-08 - The new wiki is stable and there are very few Wiki News updates. Can we use this area for something else? talk page


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