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My other job is fighting crime.

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Twilight Heroes is a free, browser-based superhero RPG.
It is currently in early beta; information is subject to change.

Game Basics
Gear and Equipment
City of Twilight
Game Updates

Jan 27 New opponents in the new zone the last couple of days, and new items in the related store.

Jan 24 Strange energies are emanating from somewhere in the northwest side of the city. Can you check it out? Details on the forums shortly.

Jan 21 Snow day! Snow day! Snow day! A pox of snow upon all thy houses!

Jan 20 As with pentium yesterday, so it is with paladinum today.

Jan 19 I've added a dozen pentium-related welding recipes. Many are inspired by the welding contest, but not all match exactly.


Wiki News

06-04-09 - Due to image cleanup I had to edit some user pages. I did my best to leave the pages as they were except for image names, but I apologize if I made any errors -- Muhandes

12-01-08 - Upgrading has finished. Please tell me any problems you encounter.

12-01-08 - The wiki's going down for a couple hours today for upgrades, so don't be alarmed.

02-26-08 - The wiki now has a forum for itself. It is here.

01-12-08 - The new wiki is stable and there are very few Wiki News updates. Can we use this area for something else? talk page


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