Nameless horse

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Item Number: 2435
Description ID: 38464090
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nameless horse
Plural: Unknown
This horse won't go out the desert without some serious encouragement and refuses to be near swamps, but it does like plants and birds and rocks and things. So, while your horse might not have a name, it certainly has a lot of opinions.

It's a great companion for a journey even though anything bad happening to it might just ruin your childhood.

Range: 2
Autosell value: 25
Combat Usable

+2 XP per turn
-10% psychic damage resistance

How Obtained


When Used in Combat



  • The name of the item and parts of the description refer to the song "A Horse with No Name".
  • The description also refers to the fate of a certain horse in the Swamps of Sadness in the movie The NeverEnding Story.