Night club

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Item Number: 253
Description ID: 5764327
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night club
Plural: night clubs
Man, it's so loud in here. Wait, this isn't a bar-type night club, but a thwacking stick of the late hours? Hm, nevermind then.

Melee weapon (Bashing, small)
Power: 82
Level Required: 7
Autosell value: 90

+4 sonic damage

How Obtained

Assemble.gif night cap long arm of the law
Equals.gif night club


You step out into the night, holding your club and wearing your night cap. Unfortunately the cap is covering your eyes, and you trip over something in the dark, causing you to drop your club. You take off the cap in order to see what you're doing, but when you get back inside you realize you're not holding the same club you started with, and you've also misplaced your cap. Ah, well, it's a cool club, isn't it?