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PP Restoration

These will increase PP by a fixed amount.

Source Source type Gain When usable Cost Notes
Power stick Item 8-12 Non-combat 100 chips
Red pill Item 26? Also restores 25? HP
Insta-charge ampoule Item 9?-12? Always 150 chips

PP Regeneration

These will regenerate PP each turn.

Source Source type Gain Duration Cost Requirements Notes
Drowsiness Effect 160? 5 minutes
Only works when resting
Obtained from Sleeping draught
Also restores 90? HP
Ethereal club Accessory Varies Combat Level 5 Returns 5% of weapon damage
Lover's locket Accessory 2 Always Level 9 +2 HP
Lover's locket, right half Accessory 2 Always Level 4
Lexura Infinides D-8 Transportation 2 Always? Must be current chosen transport
Proper Hydration Passive skill ?? Always Level 5 Elemental

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