Positronic computer

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This is a positronic computer. Positronics being a fast and super-powerful improvement upon electronics, and also having the benefit of being smaller and many, many times more expensive. And the worst part is, even a computer this powerful still does what you tell it to do, and not what you meant to tell it.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 600


Use the positronic computer instructions and all the items listed on it.

Part Needed Quantity Needed You Have
Quantum hopper 1 n
Oculum felis 1 n
Positron originator 1 n
Pathway imager 1 n
Lepton mesh 1 n
Fusion pack 2 n
Photonic chiller 2 n
Carbon-microfiber chassis 1 n


This requires Supercomputer Skills to build.

It takes the Positronic Computer 30 minutes to decrypt a mangled data plate.

It is believed that the program effects are stronger on a Positronic Computer.