Remainder cell phone

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This is a cell phone that never sold back in the day when it was popular, but now that it's a remainder item it's relatively cheap. Its benefits include the ability to keep in touch with friends and family while fighting crime. Realistically speaking this means you'll perform your activities in a slow and completely erratic fashion, annoying everyone around you, but you'll have a lot more fun while you're doing what you're doing. Weirdly, the brand name on the phone says "SonaPanic" ... surely that can't be right?

Offhand Item
Autosell value: 35

+13% XP per combat
+30 seconds to the duration of each turn

Drop Locations

Buy at the Black Market


The ""SonaPanic" ... surely that can't be right?" line refares to the two SEPERATE technology companys, Sony and Panasonic