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Definition from the Twilight Dictionary

"n. The opinion of the public toward a person.

Over time your public choices as a hero will begin to give you a reputation with the population of Twilight. Be careful what you choose, because while some people are bound to appreciate your choices, others are guaranteed to disapprove. Some may say you're the ideal hero, while others might label you a menace. Reputations can change as you make other choices over time.

Hint: choices that affect your reputation only occur while you're patrolling, and they almost always include the phrase "What do you do?" as part of the choice.

The range of reputations that a hero might have are as follows:"


→ Selflessness →
↑ Honor ↑ Just Honorable Virtuous
Judicious Balanced Altruist
Vigilante Pragmatic Watchdog

How to Change Your Reputation

  • Reputation is based on your response to various non-combat choice adventures.
  • You start with both honor and selflessness equaling zero.
  • A reputation choice you take moves you one notch to one direction, but only if it is done on a different location than the last reputation choice you took.
  • When you reach a value of 4 your reputation changes.
  • The maximum reputation value is 6.
  • Adventuring with a reputation effectiveness enhancer moves you two notches each time. The effect does not stack, so using more than one does not benefit reputation changing more than one does.

Honor changing adventures

Selflessness changing adventures

Effects of Reputation