Smart-aleck kid

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Smart-aleck kid

How Obtained

Companion obtained from item.
Item: old coin
Duration: 60 minutes


Ability: Stops opponent attacks


When blocking:

  • The kid reaches into his backpack, and says, "Hmm, feels like fortune cookie." Then he pulls whatever it is out of the backpack. "That no fortune cookie!" the kid shouts, and throws the object at your opponent, who gets distracted when the projectile hits its mark.
  • Your opponent calls you by name, and the kid takes offense. "You no call him(her) <player_name>, you call him(her) Doctor <player_name>!" he shouts.
  • The little kid gets a running start and jumps onto the back of your opponent. The two go down in a heap, but the kid springs right back up. "Holy smoke! Crash landing!" the kid shouts.


  • The kid yells at you to cover your heart... which is good advice but not especially applicable at the moment.
  • You ask the kid to get involved the fight, but he's not nuts, just crazy.

If you have a sidekick that already blocks attacks then:

  • The kid insists you call your sidekick "Doctor <sidekick name>." It's sort of annoying.


  • Block rate is about (21.6% ± 2.9%).


The image and trigger messages are all a reference to Indiana Jones' sidekick, Short Round in the second Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom