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{{obtain|spinning ingot|spinningingot.gif}}
{{obtain|spinning ingot|spinningingot.gif}}
|uses=*Can be [[catalyze]]d into [[heroic visage]].

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Item Number: 2331
Description ID: 59190940
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spinning chip
Plural: spinning chips
Whether your let it hang in midair or keep it in your pocket, this chip slowly rotates. You don't think any store owner would accept it as legal tender, but it has to be good for something, right?

Anyway, you should probably figure out what it's good for before you start a new game. These things always seem to disappear when you restart.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 25

How Obtained

Can drop when a challenge talisman is equipped. See notes for criteria

When Used

Well, You let go of the chip and catch it again, just to hear that little chime noise when you pick it up.

Using multiple:
Using 1-15, 17:

You let go of the chips like a flock of sparrows, but they all come back, because it was meant to be. Or because you tracked them all down and put them back.

Using 16:

You stack the chips up and squeeze them until they become an ingot of solid... spinning.

You got an item: spinning ingot Spinningingot.gif

Other Uses


Can be obtained from the following:

  • 1-3 can be dropped by enemies marked as a miniboss. Looks to depend on the number of other modifiers present.
  • 1-3 can be dropped by Villains. Based on the strength of the opponent.
  • 1-2 can be dropped by various bosses big and small.