Stranging device

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Item Number: 620
Description ID: 1647554
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stranging device
Plural: stranging devices
You really aren't quite sure how this works, but you know that if you yell into one end, it's amplified out the other end. Of course, since you nicked this off some bad guy (or bought off of another player, or whatever), you also are pretty clueless about just how to use it. It's not like you're a trained yelling person.

Ranged weapon (Exotic ranged)
Power: 60
Level Required: 7
Autosell value: 110

+10 sonic damage
+8% chance of weapon fumbles.**
Causes disastrous fumbles.

** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.

How Obtained

inner sanctum of the Unborn Base


  • Both the device name and its description reference the Weirding Module introduced in the Dune movie.
  • The item's description breaks context by referring to "another player", thus hinting that Twilight City is not real, and that all heroes are in fact players in a game.