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Item Number: 669
Description ID: 2558147
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TH Editor software
Plural: Unknown; currently impossible to determine
This is a no-frills text editor, created with the guiding philosophy that good software should do no evil. Er, no, it should run fast and take chances. Wait, um, not be really sucky? Ah, I had it for a moment, but I've forgotten. Anyway, it's pretty good at what it does, which is help you code more, faster.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

Edits some crazy game
(Requires Computer)

How Obtained

Custom item given to Olaf and NardoLoopa for help in coding.

When Used

If you don't have a computer:

You don't have a computer set up to run this software. You might want to check out the electronics shop by the University.

If you don't have it installed:

You pop in the CD and install the software. It's now on your computer(s) and can be run any time. You keep a copy of the CD for some future use, because it's cool like that.

If you already have it installed:

You already have a copy of this software installed. One should be plenty.


  • Using the software and running it on a computer gives Cool Coding - ∞ as an effect.
  • Olaf was awarded a pair of these, one to be used and one to keep as memento. Back then the item was not reusable. By the time NardoLoopa was awarded one the item became reusable, and thus NardoLoopa was only awarded one.