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first noncombat

Holdin' Everything but the Caulfield Things are tense everywhere, though most of the action is still just shouting and waving, rather than actual scuffling. But right in front of you one particularly furious duo--one officer and one protestor--seem about to resort to blows. Do you want to intervene?

Hold back the protester Hold back the police officer Hold your horses

what do you do

part of the revamped protest quest

i chose hold protester and it led to a fight with an angry protester. The Gannet

This is not a 1 time thing, just encountered it again. chose hold horses lead to

-- Even Heroes Need a Breather You decide the two will probably sort out their differences one way or another, and you're in need of a change of pace. Way, way back there's a little stand set up that's part first-aid tent and part refreshment station for the riot police. You go over there and help out patching up some of the wounded, hand out some water, and--most important for your purposes--catch a breather and a bit of refreshment for yourself. It's the fighting hero's guilty pleasure.

You gain 26 XP.

You gain 20 PP. The Gannet

Don't know how to change it on the main page, but fighting protester is selfless, and taking a breather is selfish.--Acidcat1 07:41, 18 February 2012 (PST)