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I know miniboss enemies and Villains can drop these items but will keep a chart of what else gives them. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting them from the mob instigators. I'll just edit them in as I go through. I opted for Heirloom before seeing the 48 hour time limits so I may not get every boss before the cutoff if that changes anything.

Opponents that drop chips
Big Bad John Steele (not dazed) 2
Mind Bender 1
mob instigator 1
blotto sotto capo 1
counsel Harry 1
Perch Boy 1
Troutmaster (took loot) 2
Zion's Tears demiurge 1
Lightning Rod Jones 1
Shifty Sam 1
Iron Will Mike 1

Capos encountered before knowing I need the key had modifiers but the first one after learning about the key did not and dropped both the key and a chip. So it is either just the capo with the key or all capos after learning about the key until you get the key count as bosses. Will take a couple retcons to narrow it down. Similar behaviour was not observed with the VIP guests and the swipe card though.

2 chips from an undazed John Steele so something similar may happen if you take the loot rather than knife on the Troutmaster.

--Valmo (talk) 13:59, 30 December 2014 (PST)

I got 3 from a graboid (I am level 150 with lowest stat 1630 ...) --XKiv (talk) 15:28, 30 December 2014 (PST)

On the upside it looks like 3 chips could be a max of sorts as the crypt is pretty high on the toughness scale. How many modifiers do your opponents in the Crypt have? Also if you happen to have villains active how many chips are they dropping? I'll update the page to reflect 1-3 from minibosses. --Valmo (talk) 20:55, 30 December 2014 (PST)
My villains are dropping always 3, must be an high level thing. Also, disguised villains also drop this. Patojonas 11:26, 31 December 2014 (PST)