The Gadget

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Item Number: 1820
Description ID: 50682435
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The Gadget
Plural: The Gadgets
This is a bizarre contraption built around a bit of glowing unidentifiable material. After all, if you found a bit of glowing weirdness, wouldn't you build a bizarre contraption around it to figure out what it is?

The part where it spits fire is just a bonus.

Offhand Item
Autosell value: 20

+5 fire damage

How Obtained

Using a glowing lump, or its other products, if you are a Gadgeteer.

When Used

  • Gadgeteer

This could be the seminal work for your generation! And, frankly, might explode if you do anything too funny. So it's best to leave it alone.

  • Elemental

You try to convert the glowing lump into something bizarre and harmless with your powers over the elements. It works... but not quite how you were expecting.
You got an item: glowing plum Glowingplum.jpg

  • Naturalist

You apply your massive muscles to their natural task: squashing things. In this case it makes a rather festive plate. So that's where Partyware comes from.
You got an item: Partyware plate Partyware.jpg

  • Psion

You connect mind to... well, mysterious glowing substance. It's certainly better than a correspondance course, but now the little guy insists on wearing a mortarboard everywhere.
You got an item: enriched lump Enrichedlump.jpg