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General Info

In-Game Username: Corrupt Shadow
Character ID: 5172

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About Me

  • I joined TH on 11/13/07.
  • I am a married, 30-year old, father of two and an electrical designer.
  • I live in Louisiana, and am a staunch Conservative/Libertarian.

Merit Badges

Reduce-and-reuse-first.jpg Sun-go-up-sun-go-down.jpg Mmm-thats-good-cosmic-karma.jpg Nothing-but-kopi-luwak.jpg Left-and-gone-away.jpg Getafirstlife-dot-com.jpg Twice-as-nice.jpg Think-im-a-banana-tree.gif
Seismic-raspberry.jpg Golden-oldie.jpg I-am-sofa-king.jpg Think-this-badge-is-about-you.gif Weeeeh-weeeeh-weeeeh.gif Dinosaur-in-a-haystack.jpg What-no-cake.gif Some-town-in-maryland.gif
Six-half-tons-and-what-do-you-get.gif Thirty-days-hath-september.gif Those-are-razor-thin-margins.gif Quicker-picker-upper.gif Around-and-around-it-goes.gif Clear.gif One-man-cannot-summon-the-future.gif You-say-checkmate-i-say-checkmate.gif
I-gotta-reputation-lots-of-them.gif Once-twice-four-times-a-hero.gif You-omicron-believe-it.gif I-always-died-on-the-first-screen.gif Elephant-in-my-pajamas.jpg This-cant-possibly-be-good.gif Golf-clap-for-heroes-at-work.jpg

T.H. Accomplishments

  • I was the #1 contributor to the Space Station construction @ 5M chips.
  • I've made images for various encounters and enemies, and have had the honor of Ryme using them.
  • I was one of the first to get a custom avatar.
  • I've won 100k Devil Dice bets about 10+ times now! Take that RNG!
  • On 09/12/09, Ryme gave me a custom item (photo-chopper) as a reward for my Photoshop work.
  • Was one of the founders of the League of Zeroes

My Contributions

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