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Who is Muhandes?

Name: Muhandes

Character ID: #14240

Class: Gadgeteer by heart. Probably transmogrified to something else now.

Level: Went all the way to 100 once, but now just transmoging around

Spading mutlis: psiomuh, sednahuM, elemuh, level 1 muh, level 2 muh

Wiki Projects

I live in the wiki. I spent much more time here than in the game. Does that make me weird? Maybe it makes me special?

Current wiki projects and things to do:

  • Postponed: Go over all effects and correct text, maybe use a new template for autocating. Waiting to see how Ryme will choose to handle this.
  • Write guidelines for adding things to the wiki. (Help:Adding Items?)
  • Align hit and miss messages for all enemies. Finished letters #-Q.

Things to check

Personal Projects

My ongoing personal project is to get as many distinct items in my Memento Display as I can.

MD Project Status

Current item count: 1606

Thanks to the following people who sent me stuff I didn't have: Valera, Doctor Mania, Habbukuk, maniac, Brulak, Olaf, OldJanitor, BongBob, Doctor Mojo, Cristiona, Shikao, blackmatter615, StrLikeCrazy, Chieri, Konork, Patojonas, hoyifung04, DuRhone

At this point my collection is Missing one item!

What I'm missing:

There are currently 1716 pages in category:items. 21 of them are compendium pages (marked with *) and 3 are items which were never implemented. 70 more cannot be put in the MD. This leaves 1622 items that can be put in the MD. 5 of these are custom items and 2 are Sandboxes (User:Muhandes/Sandbox, User:Muhandes/Sandbox2). There are also 5 items that no longer exist:

This leaves 1610 items that are generally collectible at this time.

I have in my MD 5 items which are not collectible:

Thus I can personally collect 1615 items. I have 1606 items, missing 9

Regular items (4)

Given (3)

These are given by Ryme, and cannot be obtained otherwise.

Forever gone/Impossible to get (2)


Reduce-and-reuse-first.jpgSun-go-up-sun-go-down.jpgMmm-thats-good-cosmic-karma.jpgNothing-but-kopi-luwak.jpgLeft-and-gone-away.jpgGetafirstlife-dot-com.jpg Twice-as-nice.jpgThink-im-a-banana-tree.gifSeismic-raspberry.jpgGolden-oldie.jpgI-am-sofa-king.jpgThink-this-badge-is-about-you.gifDinosaur-in-a-haystack.jpgWhat-no-cake.gifWeeeeh-weeeeh-weeeeh.gifSome-town-in-maryland.gifSix-half-tons-and-what-do-you-get.gifThirty-days-hath-september.gifThose-are-razor-thin-margins.gifQuicker-picker-upper.gifAround-and-around-it-goes.gifClear.gifOne-man-cannot-summon-the-future.gifYou-say-checkmate-i-say-checkmate.gifI-gotta-reputation-lots-of-them.gifOnce-twice-four-times-a-hero.gifYou-omicron-believe-it.gifI-always-died-on-the-first-screen.gifElephant-in-my-pajamas.jpgThis-cant-possibly-be-good.gifGolf-clap-for-heroes-at-work.jpg


Here are some guidelines I am staring to write, which will eventually be added somewhere else in the wiki

General Guidelines

  • Be Bold. Don't be afraid to edit the wiki. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You will only learn by making mistakes.
  • Use the preview button. It will help you see that the page really looks the way you want it to look.
  • Use examples from other similar pages. If you are adding an item, use another item as a template. If you are adding a foe use another foe as an example.
  • If you are suspicious of a fact, add it to the discussion page. Try to only add facts to actual pages.
  • When reporting a statistical fact, use the {{statrate}} template if possible.

Adding an image to the wiki

There are two types of images you may consider added to the wiki - game images, and your own, copyright free, material.

Adding game images

  • Do not edit the image itself in any way. Do not remove whitespace, convert to other format or any of the sort.
  • Keep the image name as it is in the game if possible. If there is already an image with that name in the wiki, add a number add the end, staring with 1. So if, for example you are adding image.gif and there is already one in the wiki, call it image1.gif. If another image.gif is added it should be called image2.gif and so on.
  • Make a note of the image location. It should be something like "<folder>/<imagename>". The location is case-sensitive.
  • As a description to the image use the {{THimage}} template. The template excepts two parameters, the first is <folder> and the second is <imagename>. Remember that both are case-sensitive.
  • If you changed the image name, add "renamed=1".
  • If everything you've done is correct the image will have a decoration with a link showing the original location. You can click it to see that everything was done correctly.
  • If not, edit the description.

Adding other material

  • Feel free to upload any other images, if you think they help the wiki community. However, don't upload any material which is copyrighted.
  • When adding such material it is advisable to state the source and purpose of the image in the description.
  • At the end of the description add "[[Category:User Contributed Images]]".

Determining and reporting foes' resistances and vulnerabilities


  • Foes can have either 50% resistance to an element, or "full" invulnerability, which means they only take 1 damage from that element.
  • Because of that, to determine exactly what resistances a foe has one needs to inflict at least 4 damage points of any specific element. If the foe has 50% resistance half of the damage will be done. If it is involuntarily, only 1 damage will be done.
  • Consult Bonus elemental damage on how to do elemental damage.
  • The easiest way to achieve this is to be a Gadgeteer of level 6 and use Upgrade Weapons: Lethalized for fire and electric damage. You will need to spend at least 6 skill points on Upgrade Weapons to get 4 damage. However, at level 6 is is possible to get elemental damage of all sorts at once even without this. For example, the following outfit will do: Big Earl's suspenders, Mother's whistle, bow of hazard, datagloves, Toxic rocker pants, Fast Eddy's cold cash.
  • Remember that you need to be able to hit the foe to determine the elemental resistance/vulnerability. Usually, without buffing, you should expect to be able to easily hit foes with XP equal to (Level+1)*10.
  • Determining physical resistance/vulnerability can only accurately be done using a combat item that does physical damage, such as the bomb. The bomb, for instance, does 15-20 damage usually. Against 50% physically resistant foes it will do 7-10 damage. Against physically invulnerable foes it will do 1 damage.


  • If you only determined part of the resistances/vulnerabilities, e.g. only some elements, or elements without physical damage, add a note to the talk page. Only add the information to the page itself when you have all the information.
  • When you have all the information, add a |res tag to the foes page followed by one of the resistances/vulnerabilities using the {{res}} template. This can be followed by any number of lines with other resistances/vulnerabilities.
  • If you determined that the foe has no resistances/vulnerabilities use {{res|none}}. Don't forget the |res= tag.

Modifier summary tables

  • The way modifier summary tables are sorted depends on whether the modifier is beneficial or neutral.
  • For beneficial modifiers (such as XP modifiers), the table is sorted from the most beneficial to the least beneficial (most detrimental).
  • For neutral modifiers (such as Combat chance modifiers), are listed from most positive to most negative.
  • Detrimental values are colored Red.
  • Where both percentage and numerical modifiers are available, percentage modifiers are considered more beneficial.
  • Uncapped level dependent values are considered better than fixed values, but not as good as percentage values.
  • Modifiers with a cap value are considered slightly less beneficial than the same fixed value. So "1*Level cap 10" goes below "10" but above "9".
  • Modifiers dependent on Skill-point.gif skill points are considered at their value with 10 skill points invested, but slightly less beneficial than fixed values or capped values.
  • Where two items have the same value they are sorted alphabetically.
  • Unknown values are considered the least beneficial of their group. So an unknown uncapped level dependent item will go above all fixed/capped items, but below all other uncapped level dependent items. A totally unknown, yet beneficiary item will go below all beneficiary items, above detrimental items.