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Until more details are known and a proper format can be determined I will place my notes pertaining to too hard here.

What do I know about the new mode?

  • You have 48 hours (or as listed in the journal at the start 172800 seconds) to save the city.
  • There is some form or scoring metric in play for this mode.
  • Pulling items from Deep Storage causes a release of pullonium which has an impact on your score.
  • Something not good happens when the clock runs out but we don't know what yet.
  • Within this mode foes receive special modifiers and the boss mechanic has been tweaked.

The following modifiers have been observed with the new too hard talismans equipped. These notes are surely incomplete and it will probably take a while until all of the details are really pinned down. In earlier areas foes will only carry one modifier but towards the end of the run some areas will have foes with two modifiers which can lead to harsh combos. For example encountering an arctic lava foe for example would make a standard attack very risky.

  • aquatic - difficult to dodge if you can't breathe underwater
  • arctic - immune to cold, increased chance of fumbles
  • cloudy - immune to electricity, can draw closer, can inflict a large amount of electrical damage
  • confusing - immune to psychic, sidekick has a chance to damage you instead, blocks the use of items
  • devouring - immune to acid, chance to take an equipped item at the start of the fight, item returned on a win or destroyed on a loss.
Depending on the item taken they may also receive a buff. While the Recycler's bin appeared to do nothing having one take my baggy cargo pants gave it +15 Defense.
The item taken appears to have its own rule set so at the very least Wok items won't be taken.
  • fighting - trying to use skills or items will result in a random skill being used
  • frusion - behave similar to frusion opponents from a prior event
  • ghostly - immune to physical, deals physical damage upon defeat that appears equal to your finishing blow
  • ghoulish - absorbs hp
  • huge - receives a buff to accuracy/offence and a debuff to dodge
  • jumping - inflicts damage at the start of the fight, if you can fly or superjump the damage is reduced and stops altogether if you can both fly and superjump it appears.
  • lava - immune to fire, chance to deal extra fire damage each turn, severe fire damage upon a fumble.
  • racing - each turn they can pull away or have a barricade spawn. If they get too far away or you fail to dodge the barricade the fight ends.
  • recolored - receives a buff to defense/offence
  • respawning - needs to be defeated at least twice, taking too long or having the foe score a critical hit appears to give them an additional respawn.
  • talkative - immune to sonic, can block skill useage

In addition to the other modifiers a foe can possess there is an additional special one that can occur in addition to their modifiers:

  • miniboss - drop spinning chips, becomes enraged after taking enough damage
  • enraged - receives a buff to accuracy/offence and deals extra damage each turn. The damage can be elemental for some opponents probably based on their resistances.

Additionally all villains and bosses act as though they have the miniboss modifier and become enraged after enough damage as well as drop spinning chips. Some enemies that may not immediately strike you as bosses also display this behaviour such as the mob instigators during the protest.