A.R.F. free pass

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Item Number: 310
Description ID: 8113263
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A.R.F. free pass
Plural: A.R.F. free passes
This is free pass good for one round of the brand new release of the next-generation VR game called A.R.F. It's been in all the gaming news for months now, and it's supposed to be an amazing experience by all reports.

If you want to try it out, take this pass down to the VR center downtown and say, "One A.R.F., please." That can't possibly be misinterpreted the way asking for a Hawaiian Punch is, could it?

Comes from May 2010 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 5

How Obtained

Using a A.R.F. VIP card.

When Used

Free passes can be redeemed at the VR center for one free game of A.R.F. Do you want to redeem one now?

Let's Play A.R.F.