Amazing Technicolor Dreampants

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Amazing Technicolor Dreampants
Plural: Amazing Technicolor Dreampants
These are the most brilliantly colored pants you have ever seen. They appear to be a patchwork of tie-dye tints, made of some high-tech fabric that shimmers and shifts with different angles. Every now and then the varied colors will seem to coalesce on a single color before shimmering again across all the colors of the rainbow at once.

It's clear that these are some fancy pants. You're not quite sure that you'd go so far as to sell a relative into slavery over these pants, but you could certainly see yourself composing a song or twelve about them.

April 2008 Item of the Month

Power: 50
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Provides a veritable rainbow of beneficial results in combat.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars


At the beginning of combat, you will receive one of the following:

Pantsfire.gif The pants turn an eerie electric yellow, the color of some sugary kids' drink, and your surroundings glow as if under blacklight. You realize this must be the precise color of sheep that androids dream about.

Pantsfire.gif Your dreampants shift until they're a nice, soothing purple. Or maybe it's a reddish blue. You're not quite sure.

Pantsfire.gif The pants start to go purple-ish but then settle on a deep blue. Something in the 430 nm range. It's a particularly smart shade, you think. No, not stylish smart--more like superintelligent.

Pantsfire.gif The dreampants shimmer and settle on a deep forest green. You're not quite sure how you know it's definitely forest green as opposed to the nearby "green pepper" or "green hornet", but you do. Maybe all these colors are giving you a more discerning eye?

Pantsfire.gif Your dreampants flash red, and you can feel a blazing heat radiating from them. Thankfully the heat only radiates outward, not inward, so you're fine.

Pantsfire.gif Your dreampants settle on a bright orange, a color you only see on expensive sports cars and traffic cones.

At the end of combat, if your pants fired yellow, purple, or blue, you will receive the following color-appropriate text at the end of combat:

Pantsfire.gif The electric yellow of the dreampants makes you feel more energetic. You gain XX PP. Having passed that acid test and provided you with some cool aid, they revert to their normal state.

Pantsfire.gif The soothing purple of the dreampants makes you feel better. Almost like royalty. You gain XX HP.

Pantsfire.gif Some of the smarts from the brainy blue pants wear off on you. How do you like that, you smarty pants, you? You gain XX XP.


  • When the pants trigger Yellow, you receive (1 * Level) PP at the end of combat (caps at 15).
  • When the pants trigger Purple, you receive (2 * Level) HP at the end of combat (caps at 30).
  • When the pants trigger Blue, you receive (1 * Level) XP at the end of combat (caps at 10).
  • When the pants trigger Green, it adds to item drops for the duration of the combat.
  • When the pants trigger Red, it adds +10 Fire damage to your attacks for the rest of the combat, regardless of level.
  • When the pants trigger Orange, it adds to initiative for the duration of the combat.


Item of the Month
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April 2008
Amazing Technicolor Dreampants
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