Ancient vacuum tube

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Item Number: 2319
Description ID: 66552405
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ancient vacuum tube
Plural: ancient vacuum tubes
I know "ancient vacuum tube" is redundant, but this isn't just some new old stock we found on a shelf. No, this is a genuine antique, pulled from the first computer in Twilight terrorized by a rogue artificial intelligence.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 50
Combat Usable

How Obtained

Ancient Computer

When Used in Combat

when fighting a data miner:

You turn the vacuum tube on the miner, capturing the mountain of data he's mined up instead. He curses colorfully and heads out to mine up a new batch.

You got an item: unvacuum tube of debris Vacuumtube.gif

when fighting a data mite:

You capture the data mite, and a couple other mites, in the suction of the vacuum tube.

You got an item: unvacuum tube of bugs Vacuumtube.gif

when fighting a metaprogrammer:

You catch the metaprogrammer in the stream of your vacuum tube, but she escapes through an unclosed parenthesis. Instead, the tube is just filled with programs writing programs writing programs.

You got an item: unvacuum tube of programs Vacuumtube.gif

when fighting a rogue agent:

You try to capture the rogue agent in the vacuum tube, but he just keeps talking and talking and talking until the tube is full.

Then he says he's late for another meeting and that he'll get right back with you. Like that'll ever happen.

You got an item: unvacuum tube of promises Vacuumtube.gif

when fighting a guardian statue:

You attempt to draw in the guardian statue, but it doesn't budge.

fighting any other foe:

You try to draw the <foe> into a vacuum tube, but only deal X damage of windburn.