Bass-O-Matic 77

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Item Number: 159
Description ID: 5143059
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Bass-O-Matic 77
Plural: Bass-O-Matic 77s
After its predecessor flopped in the late-night info-mercial scene, the head honchos at Bass-O-Matic decided to retool their device for a larger audience. Now geared with a dozen interchangeable rotors and rated for medium and large aquatic creatures as well as small ones, the Bass-O-Matic 77 is the perfect tool for all your bass-related problems. Or anything else that has fins, scales, or can be hurt by a frightening array of whirling blades. Which, when you think about it, is just about anything.

Melee weapon (Slashing, large)
Power: 52
Level Required: 4
Autosell value: 60

+4 Melee damage

How Obtained

Porcelain Bay

Other Uses

When equipped, Troutmaster (with Bass-O-Matic 77) will be encountered instead of Troutmaster (without Bass-O-Matic 77).


  • References the Saturday Night Live skit where they advertised the Bass-O-Matic '76, which blended bass in to a tasty smoothie (script here)