Crime Never Sleeps ... or Does It?

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Contrary to the popular saying, it appears that crime has decided to take a short nap, and you can't find any major problems to solve. What do you feel like doing?


  • Spend some time picking up litter
  • Catch up with a friend
  • Just keep walking

Make your choice


If you chose Spend some time picking up litter:


A Good Deed Rewarded
Figuring there's more than one way to clean up your neighborhood, you dig out a couple of garbage bags and start picking up trash. Pretty soon you've got several sacks full to bulging with tin cans, paper, and other recyclables. You take them by the neighborhood recyclery and trade in the material for a handful of cool, soft chips.

Chips-white.gif You gain 5-10 chips.

If you chose Catch up with a friend:


Not So Trivial Pursuits
With nothing better to do, you meet up with a friend and have a beer (or soda, or juice, or bottled water, or whatever you're into). While you're in the bar you play a trivia game and learn a thing or two.

You gain 5 experience.

If you chose Just keep walking:


A Walk on the Mild Side
You walk and walk and walk. You don't find anything exciting, but the exercise makes you a little heartier.

Your hit points stat permanently increases by 1 HP.