Evil Plushies Attack

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  • The precursor to the Evil Plushies Attack was the appearance of Ursula's Toys on November 20, 2010. The shop originally contained 10 cuddly toys of various prices. Using either of the toys resulted in a cute message:
You pick up the cute little toy and give it what has to be just the biggest hug ever!

However, equipping and then removing any of the items hinted at the forthcoming events. Unequipping any of the items resulted in:

You find yourself strangely reluctant to put down the cute little toy. You miss it already.
  • The actual attack started on December 6, 2010. A message on the main page said:
Ack! Ursula the toy vendor by the casinos has unleashed a swarm of evil radio-controlled toys to try to take over the casino district! Even worse, all of those cute plush toys she sold to people have come alive and are attacking. Can you help fight them off?
  • All items previously bought in Ursula's Toys changed overnight.
  • Their description became

This used to be a cute and cuddly toy, but now it's a radio-controlled robot bent on domination and destruction.

  • In their enchantment, Cute and cuddly! became Pure, ravenous EVIL!.
  • Using these items now caused an encounter against an evil toy:
  • Trying to use a plushie with no time left resulted in:

It's late, and you're too tired mess around with evil toys right now. Maybe you should wait until tomorrow.

  • Trying to use a plushie after 7:00 AM resulted in:

There's no time to play right now, you've gotta go to work-you don't want to get fired, do you? Why do you even still have that job?

You have defeated N of Ursula's evil toys
  • On December 13, 2010 the event ended. The message main page said:

The end of Ursula's plot is near. All of the plush toys have gone inactive, and there's a lot of noise coming from the warehouse behind Ursula's store. Get in there and see if you can wrap this up.