Forgot to Mention the Crystal Skulls

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You find yourself high on a ledge outside the castle, peeking in through a window that was thoughtfully left open. Just below you is a narrow walkway of sorts, ringing the upper level of a much larger room. Through the railing of the walkway you can see below, where a mix of armed men in uniforms and labcoat-wearing scientists are rearranging large boxes and talking to each other in German.

"Nazis," you mutter. "I hate these guys."

"Nein, ve are nicht nazis," says a greying man with a German accent, who is standing just a few feet away from you on the walkway. Funny you didn't notice him until just now. "Ve are merely scientists."

"Mad scientists?" you say. "I hate those guys, too. I had enough trouble with their dinosaur armies back in town."

"Nein, nein, nicht mad scientists, either. Merely, how do you say, researchers of chemistry und alchemism. Alchemists, that is all ve are."

"But you're using kidnapped children as slave labor down in the mines, right?"

"Oh, nein. Ve haff built our own environmentally friendly machinery for the mining."

Do you ...


  • Say, "Okay, look, I know you're up to no good, so we're gonna fight, no matter what."
  • Go find another window
  • Climb down

Make your choice


If you chose Say, "Okay, look, I know you're up to no good, so we're gonna fight, no matter what.":


Fight a Chemist

If you chose Go find another window:


Yet Another Thrilling Adventure
You decide to go find another window. Preferably one without any smart-talking scientists on the other side. You wind your way far around the castle, up the side of the mountain and back down, until another accessible window catches your eye. Or more properly, the silvery glow coming from the window catches your eye. Inside is a small room, with a single bottle of shimmering, lustrous liquid, perched atop a single pedestal. There are a few traps, of course, but for a hero of your caliber it's almost not worth talking about the foul beast guarding the room, nor the acidic bath containing the vial, or the surprise portcullis. Needless to say, when it's all over you've got your hands on the goods.

You got an item: lustrous liquid Lustrous-liquid.gif

If you chose Climb down:


You Can't Go Back
You decide you've had enough of that nonsense, and decide to head back down. Unfortunately, it was a pretty steep and complicated climbing route you took to get up there in the first place, and you end up on some completely different path on the way back down. This leads you past a small herb garden just outside the castle. There's a fountain in the middle that has some glittering, golden liquid bubbling through it. You scrounge up the only empty container you can find and grab yourself a scoop of the liquid.

You got an item: aqua melior Aqua-melior.gif