Give 'em a Hand

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Merit Badge:
Your regular instructor looks over your inventory, and starts laughing out loud. Without explaining, he calls over another instructor. That instructor also starts laughing, and hails yet another instructor, who also smiles and laughs. You're about to burst with either curiosity or embarrassment, though you're not sure which. Finally the instructor nods to the other instructor, who nods to the other other instructor, who says, "That's just a ridiculous number of other other hands you have. It's so many different hands, it makes the Waffle King look like a straightforward, consistent guy."

"Actually, all those hands give me an idea for a prank I'd like to play. I'll trade you a badge for 15 of them, if you're game?"

Give them a hand, plus 14 more hands

You hand over the 15 other other hands, and the other other instructor hands you another other badge. Wait, no, sorry, it's just a regular badge: Give 'em a Hand

Merit badges can be seen in your character page.


Trade in 15 the other other hand