Mask of Odysseus

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initiative effect does not work on scaling foes
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mask of Odysseus
Plural: masks of Odysseus
No, not the figure from Hellenic legend who was part of the sacking of Troy, this Odysseus specialized in financial protection services. In other words he guarded Twilight's largest banks. You could call him a protector of troy (ounces, that is). A crafty strategist, Odysseus only turned to fighting as a last resort. He was often heard to claim that fortunes were saved or lost by the time the blueprints were drawn.

This mask contained a variety of optical enhancements that served him well, providing multi-spectral vision that allowed him to see details others would miss, and exceptional ranged targeting ability, because both the original and the modern Odysseuses were good with the bow, see?

October 2009 Item of the Month

Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+15% Intellect
+15% item drops
Makes the wearer unusually cunning.
+5 Ranged damage

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

  • Sometimes at the beginning of a combat where you would have lost initiative, you win initiative and get a message:

The improved vision of your Odysseus mask indicates that someone is approaching. Thinking quickly, you hastily build a X-shaped shelter out of Y and wait until your opponent is nearby. Then you jump out and catch them by complete surprise.

X is one of:

  • badger
  • cow
  • dog
  • dragon
  • goat
  • horse
  • pig
  • ox
  • rabbit
  • rat
  • rooster
  • snake

Y is one of:

  • a convenient dumpster
  • a pile of loose boards
  • a single blade of grass
  • an old couch and a broken bicycle
  • depleted tritanium
  • frosted glass and silly putty
  • milk crates
  • nothing but paste and dynamite
  • origami made from unrecycled newspaper
  • primordial soup
  • some nearby boxes
  • your collection of merit badges
  • your own sense of self-satisfaction

  • Sometimes before you are hit you get a special message, and the damage is reduced. The message is one of the following:
    • You try to defend the attack by tossing some grit into your opponent's face. Your opponent blinks the grit away and shouts "Nobody has blinded me!" which is a weird thing to say, even if it's true that no actual blinding has occurred. It does seem to throw the attack off just a touch, though.
    • Right before the attack you munch on a piece of delicious lotus fruit. Its numbing effects leave you less affected by the attack than you normally would be.
    • The wail of a passing siren (the police kind, not one of the singing women) distracts your opponent just enough that the blow is somewhat lessened.


  • When bought: The shopkeeper takes your 10 silver stars, and reciprocates with a mask of Odysseus.
  • The initiative effect does not work for scaling foes.


  • Refers to Odysseus, the legendary hero of Homer's, who took part in of the sacking of Troy.
    • "Nobody has blinded me!" was what Polyphemus was tricked to say when Odysseus blinded him, as Odysseus previously told him his name was "nobody".
    • The use of large fake animals as hiding places is a reference to the Trojan Horse, another of Odysseus' tricks.
    • Odysseus had an adventure in the land of the Lotus Eaters in which he was actually very careful NOT to eat any lotus.
    • Odysseus had an encounter with the Sirens.
  • The Troy ounce is weight measurement used for precious metals.
  • The animal shapes are roughly those representing the 12 months of the Chinese calendar, except that cow and badger replace tiger and monkey.
    • This might be a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where Sir Bedevere suggests building a wooden badger (after a failed wooden "Trojan" rabbit scheme) shortly before a cow is catapulted at them.

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