Pied piper

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Pied piper

Your sidekick's picked up the pipes. They're so high that, normally, only villains and rats can hear them. Which is probably for the best, now that you think about it.
Level cap: 20

How Obtained

Full-time sidekick.
Obtained from: 3.14-gauge pipes


Ability: Attracts villains and companions. Also makes sonic attacks.


During combat, every turn one of the following:

  • <name> tries to call some rats, but ends up doing X (sonic) damage to your opponent instead.
  • <name> plays a V on the pipes. You're not sure that actually exists, but it seems villains and ne'er-do-wells can hear it to the tune of X (sonic) damage.
  • <name> is working on that big pipe solo, but it's definitely not quite ready for prime time.

At the end of encounters:

  • <name> plays a masterful pipe solo, then pours one out for all the homies in Hamlin.
  • Thanks to <name>, everybody's doin' a brand new dance now.

At the end of encounters, sometimes, without a current companion:

  • <name> has a new fan! It decides to follow you on tour.
Granted, it's a rat. All of <name>'s fans seem to be rats.
You gained a companion: Aristocrat


You gained a companion: Autocrat


You gained a companion: Congrat


You gained a companion: Karat


You gained a companion: Packrat


You gained a companion: Ziggurat


  • Companions are granted for 61 minutes each.


  • Refers to the Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  • The first after-combat message refers to the tradition of pouring out a portion of a 40-oz bottle of malt liquor in remembrance of one's homies.
  • The second after-combat message refers to the lyrics of the song The Loco-Motion.