Prismatic sports bra

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Item Number: 698
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prismatic sports bra
Plural: prismatic sports bras
Talk about futuristic tie-dye. This sports bra appears to be made of some high-tech fabric that shimmers and shifts with different angles, across a whole prism of mostly pastel colors. Every now and then the varied colors will seem to coalesce on a single color before shimmering again across all the colors of the rainbow at once.

Sometimes the changing colors almost seem to form a picture. A pretty butterfly here, some nice flowers there, but maybe that's reading too much into it. Superheroes don't really want to talk about that stuff, anyway, right?

April 2009 Item of the Month

Power: 50
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Provides a prismatic plethora of pastel powers in combat.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars


At the beginning of combat, you will sometimes receive one of the following:

Pantsfire.gif Your prismatic bra shifts until it's some pinkish color that has a silly name you can never remember. Wait ... is this mauve? And how do you pronounce that, anyway?

Pantsfire.gif The bra turns a convivial periwinkle color. People around you enjoy your good company. Shame nobody but your sidekick would get caught anywhere near you when you're patrolling.

Pantsfire.gif Your prismatic sports bra turns an energetic chartreuse. Little electric sparks start popping off of it and disappearing into the air.

Pantsfire.gif Your sports bra settles on a nice, tasty apricot color. It puts you in the mood to slice and dice some fruit, or anything else that gets in your way.

Pantsfire.gif The sports bra shimmers and settles on a soothing lavender. Have you ever thought about the fact lavender is a color, a flower, and a scent? In this case it's just the color, though.

Pantsfire.gif The bra starts to go dark green but then settles on a lighter, softer celadon. It's a good, sheltering color.

At the end of combat:

If the bra triggered mauve:

Pantsfire.gif You ask a few people on the street what color they think your shirt has turned. They suggest a lot of different colors, but nobody mentions mauve. Still, you learn a bit about the spectrum from your survey. You gain X XP.

If the bra triggered lavender:

Pantsfire.gif The soothing lavender color of the bra makes you feel refreshed. You gain X PP. The shirt then flickers through a few other flower powers before reverting to its normal state.


  • When triggered Mauve you gain 1*Level XP, capped at 10, after the battle.
  • When triggered Lavender you gain 1*Level PP, capped at 15, after the battle.
  • When triggered Chartreuse it adds 10 electric damage.
  • When triggered Periwinkle it gives +25% effectiveness from your sidekick.
  • When triggered Celadon some damage absorption is added.
  • When triggered Apricot chance of critical hits is increased.

Item of the Month
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April 2009
prismatic sports bra
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