Silver comPutty

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Item Number: 1159
Description ID: 8720738
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silver comPutty
Plural: eggs of silver comPutty
You really aren't sure what this is. I mean, it's kind of like silly putty, but it's also kind of metallic. Kind of like if you combine mercury with putty. I'd be careful with this if I was you. The last time you touched it, it soaked into your skin.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 50

How Obtained


When Used

You apply the silver comPutty to your wounds, and it soaks into your skin. You wouldn't think it could possibly be healthy, but apparently it is. You gain 30-50 HP. You gain 30-50 PP.

Other Uses


  • The description and plural refer to Silly Putty, which is packaged in plastic eggs.