Surveying the Damage

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Thankfully you didn't have much that was worth anything, so it appears that only your TV is missing. But the place is now a mess, because a lot of drawers have been shuffled through and dumped out during the search. Some of it might have even been malicious, as some sort of twisted payback for the lack of goods to steal.

You brush some papers off of your couch and sit down, staring at the mess. At first you just feel tired and saddened by the whole mess, but the longer you sit there the angrier you get. Then, it dawns on you. You've been taking this crap for far too long. Someone has to do something about it. You pull your old Louisville Slugger out of your closet and slam your busted door behind you. A chill runs down your spine. You're ready. It's time to deliver some justice.

Go Patrolling


  • This adventure happens once only after account creation and is part of the hero's origins.