Swedish Navy Wrench

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Item Number: 142
Description ID: 1579658
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Swedish Navy Wrench
Plural: Swedish Navy Wrenches
Aeons ago, this wrench fell into the Zion's Tears dimension from an alternate alternate dimension that happened to be much like Earth of today. This particular wrench originated from a country called Sweden, which had an especially innovative and efficient navy, that made tools of unparalleled versatility. Millennia of holy reverence by the Zion's Tears denizens has further imbued this Swedish Navy Wrench with mystical powers.

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+15% Reflexes
+10 dodging ability
Unlocks Gadgeteers' Death Blossom
-5% Strength

How Obtained

Zion's Tears building

Assemble.gif Schrodinger's Box Orb of Insight
Equals.gif Swedish Navy Wrench

Other Uses