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  • Freeze!:
You shout "Freeze!" subjecting the automaton to a painful combination of numbing cold exposure and painful pun exposure.
Your opponent is too stunned to act.
  • Shaming Shot:
After taking careful aim
With the clockwork beetle picking itself off the ground, you add insult and injury to the insult and injury with a 172 damage demonstration of your trick shooting.
  • Deepest Strikes:

You keep up the attack, rattling his cage. The cage seems to hold for now, but it was a mighty rattle.

  • Psychic Heckling:
It turns out that, when you're psychic, your internal monologue about how badly... let's say the clockwork mishmash screwed up... well, it isn't quite as internal.
You keep up the heckling for 243 damage. The castle guard can't even manage a "Do I go to your work?" comeback. It's kind of sad."
  • Static Shock:
You extend a finger and touch the clockwork beetle, shocking the clockwork beetle for 26 damage and finally getting rid of that static cling. (available with static cling (enemy electric crit))
  • Stop, Drop, and ...:
You stop, drop, and... stop... drop... what's the third thing again?
While you're trying to remember what it is, the fire burns out.

(Available when on fire (enemy fire crit); remove burning)

  • Just Believe in Yourself:
If there's one thing thousands of hours of children's television has taught you, it's that you really just need to believe in yourself.
The <foe> wails, shifting from a rumbling bass to a shrill soprano as their size returns to normal.
  • Set to overload:
Setting your Trident of Nodens to stun is clearly passe, but overload? That's got a nice ring to it! The unstoppable torrent of energy deals a <foe> <fire damage + electrical damage>, but hasn't really done your Trident of Nodens any favors.
Next combat: You manage to get your weapon back in working order, but your opponents is already closing by the time you're
  • Feline Pounce:
You bound onto your opponent like an overly friendly tiger, crashing into the inHumane Resources harpy for 49 damage.
The inHumane Resources harpy is bowled over by the impact.
with super jumping or flight
You bound into the air and descend on your foe like a raptor-kitten hybrid, crashing into General Mowters for 60 damage.
For reference, that's the "can open doors raptor" not the "bird of prey raptor".
General Mowters is bowled over by the impact.
Your opponent would really like to clean your clock, but needs to stand up to get back to clock level with you.
  • Wicked Curve:
Now that you're lobbing arm's warmed up, Hamlet is in trouble. You warn him to get ready for the Valmo Curve.
You gain an effect: Curveball
  • Fancy Bladework:
You flip your telekinetic katana around in an amazing display of weapon-related prowess. Thankfully, Rich Cardinal Lou isn't Harrison Ford, so you get to finish the whole thing.
You gain an effect: Fanciest Bladework
  • Hammer it Home:
In the moment after your devestating hit you pause, holding up your weapon. "Stop! Your pugil stick time!"
That... worked better than you expected.
Your opponent is too stunned to act. (lasted 3 turns)
  • Swing for the Fences:
You send the vampire leech flying for the fences and. The. Crowd. Goes. Wild.
You gain 115 experience. (Ended fight)
  • Pull the Other One:
You wrap your weapon around the onyx shadow and pull them to the ground. It's like the most dangerous rodeo ever.
Your opponent is too stunned to act. (lasted 2 turns)
  • Whipping Winds:
While the <foe> is picking itself off the ground, you can plenty of time to whip the hot desert air into a dust devil (which is generally quite impressive, but certainly moreso if it's snowing or you're underwater).
The dust devil spins your opponent right round, baby, right round like a record baby. Thankfully, it leaves before you have to slap it for calling you "baby."
The <foe> spins dizzily in place for a moment and falls to the ground.
Your opponent would really like to clean your clock, but needs to stand up to get back to clock level with you.
  • For My Next Trick: (Even if the attack fumbles a debuff is applied to the target)
You follow up your performance with an absurd trick shot! You attack ... maybe it was luck, maybe it was fate. Maybe you had a V8. Who knows? Regardless, you blasted your opponent 13 times for 550 + 1 points of funky damage.
  • Dragonslayer
You charge towards the sharkodile like a mighty knight, spearing it as a mighty knight spears a dragon... or amnything else really.
It turns out that when all you have is a spear, everything looks like a dragon. (Ended fight like Swing for the Fences)
without instant kill
You charge towards the a greater freak-posterous ogre from Abaddon like a mighty knight, spearing it like you imagine a mighty knight spears a dragon.
You attack ... <piercing attack message>
if foe is imune to physical damage
Sorry, <player>, but your dragon is in another castle. At least, you really hope it is. If they're all this resistant to physical damage, you've got a long day ahead of you.
  • Like Chopping Wood
You bring weapon back around for another strike, add a little twist of down home wisdom, and hit the vampire leech for 31 damage, just like bullseying womp... chopping wood back on the farm.
  • Dart Shark
You decide to turn the combat into an impromptu game of darts using something other than the maleroom clerk as a target... crazy, I know.
Anyway, you win 158 credits and nobody gets hurt anymore. So it's like winning twice. (Ended fight without xp/drops)
If it fails
You decide to turn the combat into an impromptu game of darts using something other than the The Mick as a target... crazy, I know.
Unfortunately, the The Mick can't cover the bet for his inevitable crushing defeat, so you have to go back to the original plan.
  • Follow Tracers
You fire another barrage, following the tracer rounds you fired last time... you know, the lucky tracers you always load right before you get a critical hit. You attack ... Blam! Blam! Blam! You know the drill. That's 3 hits for 29 + 3 + 5 + 3 damage. Yeah!
  • Firebreather
You follow up with a devestating firebreathing round for 13 damage (fire).
  • Fan the Flames
Trained by thousands of internet arguments, you fan the flames, dealing the mob instigator another <fire> damage.
Oh yeah, this is the way to fight. You could do this all day! (Second line does not always appear.)
  • Always Strikes Twice

You just wait around for a second, knowing that the orca with rocket launcher is bound to get struck by lightning again for <electric> damage. Yeah, it's all in the ionization.

  • Throw Away Foe

You launch the <foe> clear out of the fight.

  • Openings? (describes the opening currently available, doesn't consume time)

Openings are heroic opportunities created by certain events in combat or when fighting certain foes. For Example:

Freeze! Stuns and weakens your opponent with a combination of numbing cold and terrible puns. (Ice Bolt)
Shaming Shot demonstrates your trick shooting for damage and demoralization. (enemy fumble as Gadgeteer with ranged weapon) (reduces Accuracy and Offense)
Deepest Strikes instantly defeats weak foes and weakens others. (reduces Dodge, Offense) (Mind Poke, Mind Jab, Psionic Blast)
Psychic Heckling is that sort of thing that will really undermine someone's self-worth... and resistance to psychic attacks. (enemy fumble as Psion)
Static Shock turns the power of electricity against your foes.
Stop, Drop, and... something you're supposed to do when you're on fire. It's right on the tip of your tongue. It'll come to you. (Available after being hit by a fire critical, until the fire is put out) (puts fire out)
Believe In Yourself, man! It'll fix everything! Or at least how your enemy has become a towering embodiment of all your fears and insecurities. (Available after being hit by psychic critical, until used) (removes Accuracy/Offense boost from crit)
Set to Overload deals electric and fire damage at the expense of your weapon's structural integrity. (Taser, Trident of Nodens)
Feline Pounce a leaping attack that can bowl over your foes. (enemy fumble as Naturalist with a melee weapon equipped. Improved by having super jumps or flight.)
Wicked Curve puts so much English on your attacks they might just hit your enemy more times. (Baseball, boomerang)
Fancy Bladework gives you a short-term but quite powerful buff to your blade skills. (Had a telekinetic katana equipped. Also worked for badly bent knife)
Hammer It Home stuns your opponent with repeated blows to the head or whatever passes for one. It's not elegant, but it does the job. (Pugil stick)
Swing for the Fences is one way to make sure your enemy is going... going... gone. It's probably not what you want to do to a villain who you don't want to get away, but it is quite satisfying. (Baseball bat,drum sticks,turkey feather wand,All bashing/small)
Pull the Other One stuns your opponent and drags them from their feet... just like in that one movie with the whip. No, not that movie. (Bionic whip)
Whipping Winds make it harder for your opponent to hit you or dodge, possibly also tripping your enemy. (reduces Accuracy and Dodge)(enemy fumble, as Elemental)
For My Next Trick I'm going to describe this opening. It's a basic attack, but also reduces an opponent's dodge and defense, regardless of whether it hits. (had a furnace equipped, appeared after a critical of mine. Also with Umbra's and stranging device)
Dragonslayer spears anything like a dragon... unless it's too much like a dragon. Then it's really just a normal attack. (Astral spline)
Like Chopping Wood cuts your enemies does to size with down-home wisdom. The bigger they are, after all... (Ubiquitous chainsaw)
Dart Shark turns the fight into an impromptu game you're likely to win some credits from. (Dark arts, razor-rimmed frisbee)
Follow Tracers is a normal ranged attack... except the part where it can't miss. (Aaron Burr's flintlock, sharpshooter's rifle)
Firebreather follows your attack with a firebreathing round. (High pressure bottle, needler, Pod Blaster (w/ Upgrade Weapons - Letahalized for fire damage) )
Fan the Flames keeps your opponent on fire until they figure out how to stop, drop, and roll. Knowing Twilight's villains, it might be a while. (Throw Sparks, Firestorm)
Always Strikes Twice hits your opponent with a bolt of lightning. (Lightning Bolt)
Throw Away Foe sends your opponent clear out of the fight. (Telekinesis, Tornado) (ends combat with no time)

Please intercalate your findings with mine above for better organization of the page. Patojonas 12:06, 25 October 2013 (PDT)

Looks like there is an assortment of melee based openings with a few like piercing needing a look. On the topic of melee, fisticuffs does not appear to have an opening associated with it. It could also be worth checking ranged groups as well. Maybe there are also foe fumbled variants similar to the Feline Pounce if conditions are met. --Valmo (talk) 15:17, 25 October 2013 (PDT)

If you score a critical and the foe fumbles on the same turn you can choose between the two openings. --Valmo (talk) 10:39, 26 October 2013 (PDT)

Starting the page

Should all the text for Openings be placed here, placed on the page with the trigger, or placed on a new page for each Opening? I'm leaning towards new pages, with this page linking to them (not unlike skills). --hoyifung04 (talk) 13:36, 10 December 2013 (PST)


  • Foe fumbles:
elemental - whipping winds (-83 Accuracy, -83 Dodge, sometimes stuns for 1 round) 85 -> 170
gadgeteer - Shaming Shot (damage, requires having a ranged weapon equipped)
psion - Psychic Heckling (1st time lowers psychic resistance, 2nd time deals psychic damage)
naturalist - Feline Pounce (damage)
  • Player Criticals:
  • Spells
Fire spell critical hit - Fan the Flames (fire damage)
Ice spell critical hit - Freeze! (-170 dodge, -15 offense, stun 1 round)
Electric spell critical - Always Strikes Twice (electric damage)
psychic spell critical - Deepest Strikes (-172 Dodge, -15 Offense or defeat weak foe)
Tornado/Telekinesis critical- Throw Away Foe (end fight, costs time)
  • melee Weapons:
Bashing, large: Hammer It Home (stuns for 2 rounds)
Bashing, small: Swing for the Fences (ends combat, gets experience and costs time)
Slashing, large: Like Chopping Wood (damage, 25% remaining),
Slashing, small: Fancy Bladework (Fanciest Bladework, 1 min 1st time, 2X normal attack 2nd time)
Whips and flexible: Pull the Other One (stuns for 2 rounds)
Piercing: Dragonslayer (attack with double the power, 4X for another critical)
  • Ranged Weapons:
Archaic blunt: Wicked Curve (Curveball, 1 min 1st time, 2X normal attack 2nd time)
Archaic piercing: Dart Shark (end fight and get money but no xp/drops or normal attack for chipless foes)
Exotic ranged: For My Next Trick (damage + dodge and defense lowering)
Firearm: Follow Tracers (normal attack, always hits)
Energy weapon: Set to Overload (electric and fire damage)
Spray weapon: Firebreather (fire damage)
  • Foe criticals:
fire: Stop, Drop, and... (stops the fire damage you take every turn after the foe crit. fire damage increases every turn until removal, available until used)
electric: Static Shock (electric damage)
psychic: Believe In Yourself (removes the Accuracy and Offense bonus the foe got when landing the psychic critical, available until used)

  • Notes:

electric net, shock grenade and groundquake spells don't have criticals

Set to Overload opening doesn't critical hit

Fancy Bladework 2nd time:

You flip your <weapon> around in an amazing display of weapon-related prowess. Thankfully, the <foe> isn't Harrison Ford, so you get to finish the whole thing.

You attack...

Wicked Curve 2nd time:

Now that you're lobbing arm's warmed up, the <foe> is in trouble. You warn it to get ready for the <player> Curve.

You attack ...

Psychic Heckling 2nd time:

You keep up the heckling for x damage. <foe> can't even manage a "Do I go to your work?" comeback. It's kind of sad.
Patojonas  16:31, 30 June 2014 (PDT)