Unbranded Arena

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This was the PvP location prior to the July 18, 2017 revamp. For the updated PvP, see Unbranded Arena - Hero Dash.

Unbranded Arena
Location: Seedy Casinos

Before joining

Hi, and welcome to the as-of-yet unbranded arena. This is a place where heroes of all sorts can duel each other for fame, glory, and nifty prizes. To duel in the arena, you must be a member of the Association of Professional Heroic Duelers. There's a 500 chip fee to join, but it's a lifetime membership, and you get a snazzy white jumpsuit as a starter dueling outfit. Would you like to join?

Pay 500 chips to join

You hand over your money and receive a lifetime membership card and a white jumpsuit that may or may not quite be as snazzy as advertised.

You got an item: white jumpsuit White-jumpsuit.gif

After joining

You're in a big sporting arena. It used to be named after one of the larger banks in Twilight, but the company went bankrupt a few years back, and no other company has been interested in paying for licensing, especially since the major sports team that used to be there has also left. For the time being, the sign on the building just says "arena".

Duel a Player

Your PvP rank:

Visit the PvP scoreboard to see fights you've been in during the last week.

Visit the locker room to set your strategy and choose your equipment.

Visit the arena armory to purchase gear.

Note that PvP is still a work in progress, but it's coming together. Also note that fighting your own characters is considered cheating and multi abuse.

Search player name or ID:
Or search by rank:
(will be closest to but higher than this number)

Or play against one of these randomly selected targets who are close to your rank:
OR (if rank > 520) You have a very high rank, so here are the top 10 players you might want to fight.

Name Duel Rank
Name (#number) [duel] Pvp rank


  • Trying to fight the same person more than 10 times:

You've attacked them 10 times already today, and frankly they're a bit tired of dealing with you. They refuse to get into the arena with you any more. You'd better find someone else to attack.

  • Trying to fight someone below your rank:

Sorry, but their rank is too low for your to attack them. (Players with rank 500 or less can't attack anyone who has half their PvP rank or less.)

  • Tryiing to fight someone you've beaten more than twice already:

You've already beaten this person twice today. Twice is enough. More than that and you're just picking on them.

  • Trying to fight yourself:

You're no Ed Norton, so you can't fight yourself.


You don't have the range to reach this zone. You need to go back to your garage and get a better vehicle.

  • Joining the arena is a once per character event - once you do it, you do not need to open it again in future runs.
  • See the manual page for more information.