A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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You see [sic] handful of the men in yellow hard hats get trapped under some falling rubble and run to help them. In a few quick moments you have them free, and they run for safety across a metal bridge that spans the river. Strange, you never noticed the bridge before. You're about to cross it, too, when it speaks to you.

"Wait, hero. I would like to talk. I am OmegaTron, leader of the Ford-bots, also known as Wade-bots, because we wade in the rivers and streams."

"Ford-bots? Don't you mean Fordicons?"

"Ha! You've been speaking to Prime, haven't you? He always was the arrogant one. No, we are just Ford-bots, they are the Paddlecons. It's a rivalry we have."

"I'm not sure how to say this, but you sound sort of, uh, rational, for a mortal enemy."

"When you have been warring for as many millennia as I have, you get some perspective. And with a pompous stick in the mud like Prime as an adversary, you have to have a sense of humor."

"But he told me you wanted to destroy our world!"

OmegaTron chuckles. "Look, we don't have any real interest in your world, other than maybe finding a nice stream to dip our toes in now and then. But the lost transporter gate drew the Paddlecons here, and once they came here we had to come, too. I will prepare a projection cube for you. Come back to this place later and my lieutenant, ScarStream, will deliver it to you."