A Very Bad Day

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A note for the impatient: these first few pages are backstory. If you just want to get right to the adventuring, you can click through the pages without reading anything and it won't hurt you. There's no way to get back to this, though, so if you want to know the story of your origins, please enjoy it while you've got it. Either way, rest assured that there's real role playing (fighting, money, items, skills, levels, and more) just a few pages ahead.

It's been a very bad day.

It began this morning when you left your apartment and found that your car had been stolen. You can't even imagine why, as it was nearly a decade old and barely ran. Of course this made you late for work. Which got you a reprimand from your boss. "One more time and you're fired!" she said. She says that a lot, sure, but this time she might have meant it. It's a pathetic job that barely pays the bills, but it's all you can get in Twilight City's struggling economy. The only thing worse than having to show up for that soul-sucking waste of time every morning is the thought of losing the income.

On the way home you were held up on the subway. It's happened often enough by now that it's more of a routine than something scary. You're always careful to not carry too much money on you, and you know to keep your ID and other important documents in your pocket instead of your wallet. But it's still annoying.

And then, just a few minutes ago, you dragged yourself up the stairs to your apartment, just wanting to lie down and relax in front of the TV for a while, only to find that your front door has been pried open and your place ransacked.



  • This adventure happens once only after account creation and is part of the hero's origins.