Aio, Quantitas Magna Frumentorum Est

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You dive off to the side as one out[sic] the outbuildings explodes in a ball of fire. It seems these Pax Verde operatives are more about the Macto Rutilus than the Pax Verde. As the heat wave washes over you, you find yourself pondering the use of Latin by various organizations around the world. You wonder if it really sounds as impressive as everyone seems to think it does. Perhaps you should call yourself a Crepusculum Vir.

Your reverie (reverie? No, wait... that's French) is interrupted as you hear someone calling for help. While you're looking for the source of the voice, you notice another Pax Verde agent slinking towards another building. Hey, wait a minute! That's The Mad Bomber Wot Bombs At Midnight! You could probably catch the bomber unawares and bludgeon him from behind. On the other hand, that worker really needs your help. Man... silly Latin phrases were more fun to ponder.


  • Rescue the worker
  • Grab that bomber!

What do you do?


If you chose Rescue the worker:


Brother, Can You Spare a Rope?
You decide that you[sic] get the bomber later, this guy needs your help right now. You race over to the edge of the rig and see him barely hanging on by his fingertips. At first he's afraid you're here to finish him off, but then he recognizes you. He relaxes a little (but not so much that he falls, of course) as you lower the rope to him. With a bit of work, you manage to pull him back up to the platform.

He thanks you profusely, shoving a handful of chips into your hands and running off before you can say anything. You shrug and continue your patrolling, feeling a bit better about yourself for doing a good deed.

You gain 10-30 chips. You gain 45-55 XP.

Moves your reputation to be more Selfless.

If you chose Grab that bomber!:


What Does Wot Mean Anyway?
You figure the other workers can help their friend. This bomber character needs to be stopped before he causes any more trouble. Besides, anyone can toss a rope. A super villain needs a super hero, right?

You stealthily follow the crazy demolitions fetishist, trailing him as he moves from building to building, seemingly at random. Eventually, he finds a building he likes and sets to work. You wait until he's well into his work and no longer paying attention before you brain him with a handy pipe.

As you roll him over, you realize that it's just a Pax Verde agent dressed up like The Mad Bomber... and so on. Well, that's disappointing. Still, it's one less person planting bombs, and all that sneaking around was pretty good practice!

You gain 90-110 XP.

Moves your reputation to be less Selfless.



  • The encounter's name, which coincidentally means "Yes, that is a very large amount of corn", is mainly used to impress someone else with one's extensive knowledge of Latin.
  • Macto Rutilus is Latin for "Red war" in contrast to Pax Verde, (almost) Greenpeace.
  • Crepusculum Vir is Latin for "Twilight Hero".
  • "The Mad Bomber Wot Bombs At Midnight" references The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, a character in The Tick TV series.
  • "Brother, Can You Spare a Rope?" is a reference to the song "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?".