Billowing Blouse of Boisterous Bravery

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Item Number: 1331
Description ID: 4130124
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Billowing Blouse of Boisterous Bravery
Plural: Billowing Blouses of Boisterous Bravery
Blouses aren't just for women, you know. In fact, get the right kind, and you can pull off the pirate look. You may be pleased to know that this particular blouse just so happens to be of the piratical persuasion. It's light on the frills, but it's open and loose, and ready to billow dramatically with even the lightest of zephyrs. You can't help but feel more courageous when you slip on this cool silk shirt.

Power: 60
Level Required: 10
Autosell value: 200

+3 HP per turn
+5% Reflexes

How Obtained

hint giver