Black Market

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Black Market
Location: Seedy Casinos

Illicit and rare items can be found here, but for a hefty price. You feel a little weird about shopping here, but when you consider it's helping you fight crime, you figure the ends justify the means in this case. Besides, there's far too much violent crime going on around here for you to bother with some illegal sales issues. What's for sale in the market seems to change from day to day. This is what they've got today:

Item Price
can of Gingerelle 10 chips Soda.gif
can of Gingerette 10 chips Soda.gif
carbon-microfiber chassis 900 chips Computer-enclosure.gif
electronic cabling 200 chips Computer-cables.gif
Hike boots 250 chips Hiking-boots.gif
Louie Baton bag 150 chips Louie-baton.gif
Mister Tea 500 chips Mr-tea.gif
chip loafers 250 chips Chip-loafers.gif
paper cut gloves 250 chips Paper-cut-gloves.gif
remainder cell phone 350 chips Cell-phone.gif
SQUID player 1500 chips Squid-player.gif
Limited quantity: 1 only
cutting torch 500 chips Cutting-torch.gif
smoke bomb 500 chips Smoke-bomb.gif
bungee lasso 500 chips Bungee-lasso.gif