Bland sword

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Item Number: 1162
Description ID: 4025958
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bland sword
Plural: bland swords
Much like it sounds, this is a sword. Nothing very special here. It's not even a sword like you might buy at two in the morning from an infomercial.

Melee weapon (Slashing, small)
Power: 20
Autosell value: 15

How Obtained


When Used

With gold leaf, metal etching set, mounting hardware, and resonant crystals, which are lost in the process:

You take a stack of components from the A.R.F. facility (bland sword, resonant crystals, metal etching set, mounting hardware, and gold leaf) and assemble them into something cool. With your mind, of course.

You got an item: channeling blade Channeling-sword.gif

Without the items:

You spend some time thinking about what you could make with this item. Despite the fact that you're very good at thinking, nothing comes to mind.