Blasphemous dress

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Item Number: 2012
Description ID: 49469144
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blasphemous dress
Plural: dresses of blasphemy
This dress, with its dropped waistline, plunging neckline, and lack of sleeves would be a perfect fit in the Exorcist, telling you horrible things about your mother. Sure, it's more old school than the 70s, but the metallic highlights want you to know just how much they hate you. Whatever you do, don't give it any pea soup.

Power: 130
Level Required: 25
Autosell value: 300

+10 psychic damage
+20 foe toughness.
Wailing of Yuggoth (X dB)

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif denim jacket yuggothium
Equals.gif blasphemous dress


  • In the 1973 movie The Exorcist, a young girl possessed by a demon says horrible things about a priest's mother and vomits pea soup.