Bleeding edge medkit

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Item Number: 1985
Description ID: 60740399
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bleeding edge medkit
Plural: bleeding edge medkits
Most technologies, when they go from "cutting edge" to "bleeding edge" don't actually involve a lot of blood. This medkit, on the other hand, involves gallons of it... stored at high pressure. It's like a B horror movie whenever you try to find a bandaid.

Other than that minor bug, it does a really good job. You could probably just start this thing up and let it perform field surgery.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 100

How Obtained

Catalyzing advanced medkit

When Used

You break open the medkit, ignore the blood, and let it do its thing to the tune of 60-70 HP.

Using multiple:
You break open the medkits, ignore the blood, and let them do their thing to the tune of some HP.